Dear Dalton and Samson

Greetings from the home of dust

I saw the tag from Dalton as a quoted response to a tweet from Samson and I tried to tweet back but my indiscipline with word counts caused me to abandon the twitter meanness for wordpress freedom.

Now gentlemen, human beings find comfort in varying things and God held us for we may not agree with all options given. Some people find freedom in being wrapped, others in being naked. May we not police this.

This tweet I believe was put in response to the recent uproar around the Miss Curvy contest. Just to clear the air, the contention wasn’t on the contest but around the use of curvy women as tourist attractions. The anger was around the possibility that as we did a tourism advert, we would have baboons, chimps, river Nile, a curvy woman, a buffalo etc, I hope you get my drift.

Miss Curvy is as good or as bad as any other pageant or marketing option that is around the body of a woman or man while putting their sexuality and what it can do for you first.

Good in the sense that for any adult, consent must be respected but in the same breath power dynamics in regard to their consent interrogated

Bad because of all the effects that may arise. The challenge with some of these pageants and marketing strategies is that they put across the semblance of a perfect woman and yet by virtue of being humans we are not perfect at all. And so in this breath, you have all the depression, surgeries gone bad, eating disorders, mental illness following suit.


In light of the above

Did the model consent to modeling underwear

Does she find satisfaction doing this

Is she protected

Is she happy is what matters.

Lastly, when the nation begins to manufacture underwear in competition with Victoria’s secret, they can explore that advertising option together with the religious leaders and consumers of the product.


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