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Dear Dalton and Samson

Greetings from the home of dust I saw the tag from Dalton as a quoted response to a tweet from Samson and I tried to tweet back but my indiscipline with word counts caused me to abandon the twitter meanness for wordpress freedom. Now gentlemen, human beings find comfort in varying things and God held … Continue reading Dear Dalton and Samson



I tossed a lot last night and when my mum woke me up, I could feel it's onset.It's an ugly feeling. The drowsiness, the reluctance to leave the lying position, the exhaustion, the falling into a bottomless pit sensation. I had no strength to deal with this today.I woke up, saw my mum off and … Continue reading Coping……

Dear Friend

We used to talk. We talked about everything and anything under the sun. We spoke about the sun, the traffic, cravings, work, sleep, everything. If anyone asked how you were, I could ably tell them what was up. In the last two months you have become a stranger. I am embarrassed when people ask after … Continue reading Dear Friend