Bero Music

My friend who I will not name comes from a really gifted family. And all is well until its family altar and the family has to praise and worship God the Almighty.

Even the Lord I bet forgives the eye pops that occur and after 12 years I am still shocked at the disharmony in voice and the thought of which angel is to blame this.

And then there is Bero Mercy who seems to have gotten her fair share of lyrical genius. And in addition it seems she took whatever was apportioned to the family in paragraph one.

Mercy sings with such soul, Jesus himself visits you and in the same breath you visit him. The emotion on her face, the emphasis of word and the sheer connection to you is best experienced.

She makes you remember every laugh, love, hurt and whatever emotion it is you seek and in the same breath uses her music to tell you that all is well.

Mercy is one of those artists that I could listen to all day whether in song or word. She is a celebration of sheer genius in the field of music.

She has a sweet innocence about her juxtaposed with a maturity in her throat that tells you that clearly there’s a God. She makes you understand why music is important.

Are you looking for an encounter with your inner self, are you seeking to bless and overwhelm someone with love, then get Bero Music. You will not regret it.