Dear Donor2


This piece is not for you today. It is for the many that are employed because you gave.

And so I will write to them through one who we will call Jane.

Jane, you are young, do you know the average age of a Ugandan? Probably not. The reports and requests must be chocking you so much you are not aware of the realities you are dealing with. So I will tell you. The average Ugandan is 15 years old and most likely to be female.

Jane, she could be you one day. I know you aspire to take on the top position in the organization or can’t wait to flee the institution in search of sanity. I have been there, if not careful, you can run mad my dear.

And it is on that note that I ask if you think that you work under conditions that dignify you. I am curious to know how you got the job.
I wonder if it was through merit, if it was a doctored interview process through a reputable firm, if blood got it’s way over water, if you paid for the job you have or if you had to go through the trauma of sexual harassment to get it because my dear, those are the realities of our time. I shall be very overjoyed if it was on merit that it was awarded to you.

I write to you because I know the pressures we must smile through in order to build society.

Jane, when does your contract expire. Does it do so Evey few days to Christmas leaving you to head off to the holidays with no idea if you will have a job in the new year? If your contract protects you then I am sincerely happy.

And of it does, does this rule apply across the board to the others? How I hope to God that you weren’t made to beg for it’s extension so that it would always be dangled before you that you begged and therefore can’t even demand a little privacy to breathe.

Is your heart well Jane. As you fight for the rights of those in the proposal, are your rights protected. Do you have freedom of speech my dear, can you even take maternity peacefully given that you are not in a senior management position.

Does your female boss understand you Jane? Do you feel sisterhood as you work.

This year Jane, even as you seek to change the society

Even as you speak truth to external leadership and authority

Even while you call the government to order Jane……

Are the above minimum standards where you work

Jane, I pray that in 2019, we will seek to clean house so we can ably offer what we have.

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