B for “Blood Groups” and “Big Cups”

In the year 2017, I enrolled into Harvest Institute which is a rigorous Leadership training that runs for a year. To be able to graduate from this institute, one had to fulfill a number of requirements which included writing and publishing a book. At the beginning it seemed easy probably because it hasn’t dawned on me how hectic it was until I started. I started about 4 books in a period of a month and didn’t go past chapter two of them. Then I shelved the book and enjoyed my life a little bit.

During this unserious writing journey, I was interested into attending the success park writing retreat and I jumped at the idea because finally I would have a professional look at my book which at that time due to pressure of the Institute had grown a little.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew that Jackee Batanda my facilitator was a no nonsense person so first things first, I needed to be on time for departure.

We departed from the munyonyo marina and most of the people were late but we left. It was a group of 7 people and the boat ride 30 minutes.

The beauty that welcomes us is indescribable. The Lagoon resort is beautiful. The staff are amazing and t the dogs very friendly.

We started off the sessions and it’s when it dawned on me that I had no idea what I was doing despite thinking I was a writer. Most of the sessions were very interactive and thought provoking. The assignments I am forever grateful to because they made me better. From this retreat, I learned to pay attention to detail and as well as be more compelling as a story teller.

I especially loved the one on one sessions. They helped me deal with my reservations as a writer and answer questions I would never have asked because I wouldn’t have known better.

I developed the confidence to write more and appreciated writers better. I got to listen to people’s stories and appreciate their work better. I listened to views on herbal medicine from a trained pharmacist who wishes to write on how both compliment each other. I learned how to fund my dream from my friend who was writing a book on this.

The evening meal times were the best. We always took concoctions of various things and always demanded for big cups from the hotel. We also discussed eating for our blood groups and learned our intolerances and cravings better.

I would encourage anyone wishing to grow their writing to be part of the next successSpark training.

What I learned is better experienced than narrated and worth every moment

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